7 beautiful ways to remember your dead relatives at your wedding

7 beautiful ways to remember your dead relatives at your wedding

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most joyful days of our lives. However, memories of a deceased loved one especially as the big day approaches may threaten to mar your happiness.

Wedding day

Wedding day is all about family and cherished ones.

Not having your parents or other loved ones around you on wedding day is a cause for some cloud over what otherwise should be a "bright sunshiny day". It can be especially painful when you remember how much your mom or dad had looked forward to walking you down the aisle. Or how you and your sister had choreographed a particular dance you planned to unleash at your reception.

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While you miss them, you can also chose to remember them in some special way on your wedding day. These tips will help you honour your deceased loved ones on your most special day and at the same time make you feel like they never left.

1. Walk down the aisle carrying a photo of them


These brides chose to have their parents' photos on their shoes and bouquet.

You've been looking forward to have your dad escort you down the aisle. Just because he is not around doesn't mean he can't still do so. You could choose to carry a large framed photo of them or something less conspicuous.

2. Wear a piece of clothing or jewelry belonging to them


The Duchess of Cambridge famously wears as her wedding ring, a ring that once belonged to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

What better way to keep our loved ones close than by holding close to our heart a memento of them. Incorporate your mum's favourite aso-oke into your wedding gown, wear your father's old tie, your mom's wedding gown. Use your grandparents old rings as your wedding rings...

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3. Reserve a seat for them


An empty seat filled with love.

Whether at church or at the reception, you could keep aside a chair for your departed loved one. Drape the chair with a favourite clothing; put a namecard or their picture on it.

4. Have your wedding in the same church where they had theirs


Imagine yourself walking down the same aisle your parents walked down all those years ago.

For some, this is a family tradition whether your loved ones are living or dead. But it becomes more poignant when this act is carried out as a tribute to their passing.

5. Visit your loved one's graveside with your spouse before or after the wedding

Wedding day

Even in death, your parents still want to see you happy.

Just because they are dead, does not mean you can't still "introduce" your spouse to your parents. Go to their graveside with your better half especially on that day and maybe seek heir blessings.

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6. Include their images in the official wedding photos


Designer Kunbi Oyelese (in the middle, left) carried a photo of her mom at her 2016 wedding. Couple on the right carried wedding photos of both sets of parents.

You could choose to do this with photoshop but maybe not so realistically that it appears unsettling. Better still carry a framed-photo of them as your pose with other family members and friends.

7. Have their favourite song played


Some of us will never get to experience this but we can always make do with the memory of a song.

What better way to feel the presence of your dearly departed than listening to a song they once enjoyed. You could include the song on your official wedding playlist, walk down the aisle to it, or dance with yoru spouse at the reception while it plays.

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All in all, no matter how you choose to remember and honour them on this extra-special day, keep in mind that the ones we love never stray from our hearts.

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