VRA asks women to sleep last to save energy

VRA asks women to sleep last to save energy

According to energy experts in the northern part of Ghana, women in Ghanaian homes are to wait until everyone else calls it a night, to make sure all gadgets that won't be needed throughout the night are unplugged before they go to bed.

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These experts assigned this duty to women because according to them, wives mostly spend more hours at home consuming more energy in the absence of husbands who would often return home too tired to shut down appliances when they are about to get their night's rest.

VRA asks women to sleep last to save energy

Some members of the VRA/NEDCo speaking to the public

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The VRA/NEDCo Area Manager for the Upper East region, Lucy Perbi-Nyarko, speaking at a public energy conservation forum at Walewale, in the Northern region, said, "As a woman, mostly we use electricity. And you should be the last person to sleep so that you put off all the gadgets and the lights that you don’t need during the night. And, then, you are supposed to be the first person also to wake up to put off all the security lights and put on what you need for the day."

She further added, "You know men- mostly they don’t stay in the house. By the time he comes home, he’s already tired. He eats and then sleeps. But you the woman and the kids- you are always in the house. So, you have to practice it and try to educate the man and help the man also to practice the same concept."

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The VRA/NEDCo Ladies Association organized the energy conservation campaign in WaleWale, on the theme “Energy Conservation, the Role of Women and Youth”.

The organizers took to the streets in a public education exercise on tips on conserving energy and heard some grievances from the public on the problems they have had with the power crisis and their electricity meters.

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VRA asks women to sleep last to save energy

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