Actress Yvonne Nelson loses her father

Actress Yvonne Nelson loses her father

Celebrated Ghanaian model and actress Yvonne Nelson's father died yesterday, Monday, January 23rd, 2017.

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Actress Yvonne Nelson loses her father
Yvonne Nelson

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According to an article published on by Francis Addo, entertainment journalist and personal friend of the actress, the unfortunate passing occurred on Monday, although no further details were given by Miss Nelson.

As sad as this news may be for the actress, Miss Nelson's relationship with her father had been distant recently. According to an interview with the Punch Newspaper in may last year, Yvonne admits to having been raised by her mother alone, and not really having much of a relationship with her father.

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"My dad was not a part of my life because he wasn’t there for me. So, I almost do not say anything about him because there is no relationship or love between us. My dad is like any other person out there because I didn’t have a chance to develop a relationship with him."

"We have each other’s phone numbers and he calls me when he feels like talking to me. It always feels like talking to a random person because there are absolutely no feelings whatsoever.”

On the other hand, her relationship with her mother has always been a strong one, with the two constantly making an effort to stay in touch.

"...she means the world to me. I am the last child and I have three siblings. She saw me through school and till date, she calls and checks up on me on a regular basis because she is concerned about my welfare. She is like my friend and I even call her Charlie”

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Actress Yvonne Nelson loses her father


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