Market structure collapses in Accra

Market structure collapses in Accra

Tragedy nearly struck in Accra on Tuesday when an an ultra-modern market square under construction at Hatso collapsed.

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Market structure collapses in Accra

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The worker at the site are said to have rushed out as the building came crashing to the ground.

Although some of them were injured, none of them died.

An eyewitness, Benjamin Danyo, told that residents in the area had long held the view that the structure was unsafe.

He said the pillars underneath the building were weak and were not properly aligned.

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Danyo said he was in his shop on Tuesday evening when he heard a loud bang.

He said he rushed out only to see that the market structure had collapsed.

“Actually the pillars under that building are just not right,” he said.

Market structure collapses in Accra


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