Lady narrates how she lost her phone to a stranger she was trying to help

Lady narrates how she lost her phone to a stranger she was trying to help

What would you do if the person you tried to help ends up stealing from you?

I Don't regret Helping A Thief - IG User Recounts Ho Her Phone Was Stolen

IG user Priscaberry

An Instagram user identified as Priscaberry, narrated how her efforts to help someone who appeared to be in need, turned into a loss on her part.

According to her, she had lost her phone to a man who pretended to need it to make an urgent and desperate phone call.

See what she shared on her Instagram page below:

"Yesterday I lost my phone! Sometimes I imagine why people choose to be so deceitful, wicked and mean. This is why the genuine ones don't get help from people when they are in need. So I was sitting peacefully next to my bro's shop when a gentle looking man who appeared to be stranded walked up to me and pleaded to allow him make a call with my phone, he sounded so desperate and from his appearance, I swear I never suspected anything. He claimed to have lost his phone and wallet on his way so I obliged.

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I dialed the number and he started making the call. I heard him arguing with the person on the other end and all. Telling him how he lost his phone and wallet. Few seconds later, the number called back and I picked. The caller begged me to direct the guy properly as he can't hear him cos of the noise and music playing at the background which is true. He pleaded to me to help him get a taxi to where he is, I agreed.

The stranded guy introduced himself and told me all the epistles about his job, what he came to do and why he was stranded. I told him to pick a drop that it would be easier and better and he agreed. I gave him #500 for his taxi because he said he didn't have any other money on him. Few seconds later the call came in again and it was for him so I gave him the phone. Before I could say Jack, he disappeared with my phone.

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Like a magic in the movies I turned and couldn't find him. I was shocked!!! Like do people still stoop so low these days just to rob people of their valuables? I borrowed a phone and called my line several times, it rang but he refused to pick. Later he turned it off. I was mad! Not because it's the end of the world but how people behave these days baffles me. You can't even help someone that claims to be in need anymore without getting yourself in some kind of trouble! I lost my laptop/phones/money etc when I was robbed where I served in Calabar so this new phone is just like my laptop/phone cos I have a lot of important files/documents/contacts in it. I never regretted trying to "HELP " someone that turned out to be a thief because I know that one day, I may need someone's help. It's not a sin trying to help.

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You may say that I was careless or not smart, you might be right but all I wanted to do was to help someone since I had enough call credit in my phone. Dear Mr. Nobody, you have actually taken away any misfortune/sorrows that will come my way this year! As you have robbed me of that phone, HAPPINESS, PEACE, LOVE AND COMFORT has been robbed from you this year and beyond. Please be kind enough to steal from someone that won't spare u until they put a Tyre on your neck! It hurts to lose anything in such manner especially in these hard times but I won't stop doing good! Friends beware of these corporate thieves, they are back in town! Don't let their innocent looks deceive you!"


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