New vice-presidential quarters to cost $13.9 million?

New vice-presidential quarters to cost $13.9 million?

The construction of a new mansion which will serve as the residence of Ghana’s Vice Presidents is reportedly, initially estimated at 13.9 million dollars.

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The contract for new residence which is currently being built at the Switch back road in Accra, was awarded and commenced under the previous Mahama administration.

New vice-presidential quarters to cost $13.9 million?
The original vice-presidential residence

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The Vice President, Mahamudu Bawumia during a speech at the Launch of the ‘Good Corporate Governance Initiative’ at the Kempinski Hotel on Tuesday disclosed the cost of the new residence.

There was this whole brouhaha about this Vice President’s residence, I am sure you heard about it, so in the context of discussing this issue, there is supposed to be a vice president’s residence under construction…so I asked the question why this project has not been finished, why has it delayed and they said ‘well the contractor is owed a lot of money’ and I said how much is this money and am told well it is a lot of money," he said.

He expressed his shock at the cost of the project, when he asked, noting asking why a house for the Vice President of Ghana should cost so much.

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I mean what sort of house is it supposed to be, is the gate made of gold, pavement made of gold, blocks of gold, a house in Ghana for 13.9 million dollars…I couldn’t believe it…and I am hundred percent sure it didn’t go through competitive tender…and there it stands uncompleted,” Dr. Bawumia further stated.

Due to Mahama's choice to reside in the official vice presidential residence during his tenure, a decision was reached to construct a new place of residence for country's vice presidents.

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New vice-presidential quarters to cost $13.9 million?


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