AFCON 2017: Ghana 0-1 Burkina Faso in 3rd place clash (Live)

AFCON 2017: Ghana 0-1 Burkina Faso in 3rd place clash (Live)

90+3' FULL TIME; Burkina Faso 1-0 Ghana

90+1' There will be three minutes of added time, and Atsu sends in a free kick to the far post, and Burkina Faso eventually get it clear.

89' GOAL! Burkina Faso 1-0 Ghana. Alain Traore scores - Traore strikes a free kick from the corner of the box, fizzing and curling into the top corner past the 'keeper.

78' Ghana almost make a terrible error, as Ofori comes out to go for a long ball, but it's off his centra defender and bounces against his shins and just away from the chasing striker.

76' Alain Traore leans back and smashes a volley over the bar from about 23.26 yards.

73' Ghana makes third and final sub. Atsu replaces Jordan Ayew.

72' Burkina Faso have some pressure now, but Ghana are alive to any threat that gets close to or in the box.

71' Another substitution by Ghana. Ayew Andre for BERNARD TEKPETEY

69' Nakoulma tries to sprint behind the defence, but Amartey sticks out a leg and then wins a foul.

65' Tettey off, Gyan on.

58' Ayew has the chance to strike a free kick on the right of the box, just 25 yards out, after a handball

55' Alain Traore receives the ball in the box from Nakoulma, and as he anticipates a return pass, Traore hooks a shot at the 'keeper.

51' Bance lines up a free kick, and leaves it to Alain Traore. Bance comes back to take it, and it almost hits the corner flag. It was taken from about 40 yards out. So, yes. Well done all.

46' Second Half begins; And Ayew floats a cross inside from the left, and Koffi claims.

Half Time: Ghana 0-0 Burkina Faso

45+1' The free kick is headed out, and Burkina Faso win a foul after it is properly cleared. There will be two minutes of added time.

41' Alain Traore boots a corner behind. Ayew takes again, from the right for the second successive time, and it's short now, but Burkina Faso break. It's Nakoulma who bursts down Ghana's half, cuts past a defender and drags a shot wide from about 15 yards. A real waste.

38' Burkina Faso 0-0 Ghana

36' Tekpetey seizes on Kone's slip, has room for a shot from just outside the box, but it was just wide of goal, deflected off Kone.

28' Ghana are having more of the ball now, but like their opponents, the knackered pitch is obstructing most of what they want to do.

25' Ayew whps in a corner for Tekpetey, it hits his own player, comes back to him and then he strikes it against the bar.

22' Nothing is happening. It's a relaxed game, as you'd expect, but the defence is less bad than the attacking, so far.

20' Tettey receives the ball on the left of the box, in space. He clips a cross to the right for Ayew, who launches himsef at the ball but can't connect, and the danger passes.

18' Bance has room for a strike from the edge of the box, and a low shot deflects off Amartey for a corner on the left.

11' Burkina Faso are panicking close to goal, and it's hard for them to dribble past defenders with the pitch in such a state.

10' No clear chances so far.

6' Burkina Faso play the ball in defence, and almost lose it due to a dodgy pitch getting in the way.

3': Yiadom comes onto his left, and pulls back a cross for Badu. He has a free header, but sends it a yard wide with Koffi static.

Kick Off : Ghana XI v B'Faso: R. Ofori, Afful, Yiadom, Jonathan Mensah, Amartey, Partey, Agyemang-Badu, E Ofori, J. Ayew, Tekpetey & Samuel Tetteh.

The last but one fixture of the AFCON takes place today in Port Gentil ahead of tomorrow’s final in Libreville.

AFCON 2017: Ghana vs. Burkina Faso in 3rd place clash (Live)

AFCON 2017: Ghana vs. Burkina Faso in 3rd place clash (Live)

Losers in both semi-finals meet in the third/fourth place fixture. The Black Stars of Ghana vs. The Stallions of Burkina Faso takes place later today.


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