Retrieval of State Assets lawful- Eugene Arhin

Retrieval of State Assets lawful- Eugene Arhin

Eugene Arhin, the Director of Communications at the Presidency has said the government is well within its legal right to set up a committee that will retrieve state properties that are still kept by certain individuals.

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Speaking to Citi News, Mr Arhin said the action taken by the government was legal, stating, "I think it is not legally prudent, or even ethically prudent for any member of the previous administration to hoard any property in their possession so I think the directive from the Chief of Staff is in the right direction."

Retrieval of State Assets lawful- Eugene Arhin

President Nana Akufo-Addo

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He explained that the directive was to ensure government would "get hold of all public assets which are in possession of some other individuals who were within the previous government.”

Last Friday, the government announced that a task-force had been set up to retrieve state assets that were still being kept by former members of the previous administration. This decision followed the seizure of vehicles in the residence of the organizer of the NDC, Kofi Adams.

However the NDC issued a statement the following day, stating that the task-force would only distort the calm and peace currently being enjoyed by all.

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"The activities of these NPP hoodlums operating under the name ‘invisible Forces’ with tacit approval from elements within the Ghana Armed Forces and the Ghana Police Service, have gone on for several weeks without any noticeable effort by government to take action against them. Instead of condemnation and firm action to end this spate of lawlessness, these criminal elements, loyal to President Akufo-Addo, have received approbation from leading figures within the NPP who have sought to justify their conduct amidst threats to seize more private properties," the statement said.

The NDC warned that while it would assist in ensuring all state assets are retrieved, the party would not accept any attack on its officials and members.

Eugene Arhin in his interview stressed that the objective of the task force was to only retrieve state assets being kept by certain individuals from the previous government, and that those in charge were not to view this as the right to " witch-hunt other government officials, who rightly and rightfully possess properties which of course may belong to themselves."

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Retrieval of State Assets lawful- Eugene Arhin


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