Meet 107-year-old man with UNUSUAL secret to long life (photo)

Meet 107-year-old man with UNUSUAL secret to long life (photo)

- One of the world's oldest men alive reveals his secret to long life against the insurmountable worldly odds.

- The 107 year old man also sends a powerful message to the younger generations. Listen to his words of wisdom if you wish to hit 100 years

- The old man still looks healthy and relatively strong and could possibly live for several more years. But what is his big secret?

Mabandla Mnyamza is officially one of the oldest men on earth. And he is not dying anytime soon going by the look of him.

Meet 107-year-old man who claims respect to GOD is secret of his long life (photo)

Mabandla Mnyamza is currently 107 year old. He is still strong and hopeful.

Mnyamza, who comes from Zwide in Port Elizabeth, recently celebrated his 107th birthday in a reportedly colourful ceremony that attracted Mayor Athol Trollip. He is no doubt one of the oldest residents of Nelson Mandela Bay.

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Asked about what his secret to long life was, Mnyamza had just a few words.

"When I was growing up, mielies ( and not beef stew) were my staple food. That's why I have lived longer than most people," he said.

But there was one more secret left.

"Most importantly, my respect for God and for my parents kept me alive and on the right path," Mnyamza added.

With the global life expectancy now averaged at 70 years, it's becoming increasingly unusual to meet people that have lived past 100 years. So if you intend to live that long, then you may have to borrow some old tricks from 'Mzee' Mnyamza, who is still alive, healthy and strong.

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Watch video of one of the oldest men that ever lived:


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