Ghana not ready for free SHS- MP

Ghana not ready for free SHS- MP

Peter Nortsu-Kotoe, the Member of Parliament for Akatsi North has said Ghana is not ready to proceed with the implementation of the Free Senior High School Program, as promised by the new government.

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He made his argument noting several infrastructural shortfalls as among the reasons why the policy is not feasible.

Ghana not ready for free SHS- MP

President Akufo-Addo

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While he expressed his positive notions towards the policy, he did not think that it could be maintained.

Speaking on Radio Gold, Mr Kotoe said, "If you ask me: Are we are ready for the free SHS? I will say no, we still need to build more schools in the system. Free SHS means free admission, free textbooks free, boarding and free meals. You just have to wake-up and take your bag and go to school. That’s where we will have the challenges because we would still need funds to put up more schools since we have infrastructure deficits."

He further added that before the policy could be implemented, a number of factors needed to be considered, and called for an in-depth perspective into the provision of free education as stated in the constitution.

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President Akufo-Addo while addressing the gathering at the 60th anniversary of the Okuapeman School in Eastern Region last Saturday, announced that the Free SHS policy would commence in September this year.

The president indicated that government would be financially responsible for all who qualified to enter the public high school system.

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Ghana not ready for free SHS- MP

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