Youngest MP in Parliament outlines goals

Youngest MP in Parliament outlines goals

  • Francisca Oteng-Mensah is the youngest Member of Parliament (MP) of the 7th Parliament of the Fourth Republic.
  • Ms. Oteng Mensah intends to focus on the environment, gender issues, and education.
Youngest MP in Parliament outlines goals

Left to right: President Nana Akufo Addo, MP for Kwabre East Miss Francisca Oteng-Mensah

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Miss Francisca Oteng-Mensah, Member of Parliament (MP) for the Kwabre East Constituency n the Ashanti Region, has outlined what her priorities will be during her tenure as her constituency's legislator.

Elaborating her plans, she iterated that the environment, gender issues, and education would be her main priorities for her constituency.

Miss Oteng-Mensah, age 26, enjoyed a massive endorsement during the 2016 parliamentary elections with a total of 71,757 votes, which constituted a whopping 83.03 percent of the total - the most decisive election victory in president and parliamentary history.

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Speaking in a recent interview with the media, Miss Oteng-Mensah responded to a question asking where she would channel her energy to a committee in parliament.

“Even though those committees are not yet formed, the issue of environment will be one area I will direct my attention to. Almost everything that we do has to do with the environment. I think that is one thing.”

“This is a biased group, but it is a positive discrimination group. Let me put it that way. We always have to speak for the vulnerable group and interest of women," said Francisca, touching on the issue of gender.

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Miss Oteng-Mensah also spoke about the necessity to learn the ways of parliament in order to make a significant different as a legislator, and that she felt her constituents would not except the fact that she's new to parliament as an excuse.

‘’Your constituents will not take the excuse that ‘I was not privy to most of the information’, or ‘everything is new to me so I could not perform’,” she stated.

“You have to take it upon yourself to make an effort that you also want to learn something, because almost everyone in the House was once new and you have to force yourself to learn before you will be able to become masters of the whole proceedings. So, you also have to make an effort.

“If you go for the orientation and don’t make use of what you have been taught, you will be back to square one,” Ms Oteng-Mensah continued.

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Youngest MP in Parliament outlines goals


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