MMM Ghana: Will Ghanaians lose their money?

MMM Ghana: Will Ghanaians lose their money?

The Mavrodi Movement keeps creating news in Africa. MMM Ghana launched shortly after it was banned in Nigeria. Many people in Ghana struggled from the loss of money due to Russian created Ponzi scheme. MMM founder promised huge profits, but it provided people with nothing but the loss of money.

MMM Ghana: Will Ghanians lose their money?
MMM Ghana: Will Ghanians lose their money?

MMM Ghana Review

Ponzi Scheme MMM provided a new struggle for recovering of Ghana`s financial sector from the financial crisis. MMM scam scheme was investigated by the Ghana law enforcements, and after detail investigation, the millions of Ghana people have been denied access to their money on the MMM Ghana Official Website. Huge promises for the huge returns of money for Ghanaians. Mavrodi used the same old scheme which he invented in Russia in the 90s and used in Ghana. Now thousands of Ghana people are in despair and pleading The President John Mahama for the refund of the investments.

MMM Ghana
MMM Ghana: Will Ghanians lose their money?

MMM Gahan money scandal showed a disaster in the hearts of Ghanaians. Some people are dead other in their sick bed. The people plead for returning of their money from the President as they believe that he can freely give the money from the Bank of Ghana. The Ponzi schemes were one of the parts of the election campaign in Ghana. The New Patriotic Party, which won the election also promised to reimburse the MMM investments. The Central Bank of Ghana also revised the rules for implementation to prognosis and stood against these types of Ponzi schemes in Future. The Deputy Governer Johnson Asiamah has also promised that they are about to receive help from Germany. It can help them to protect small investors better.

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According to the words of the Deputy Governer Johnson Asiamah, the Bank of Ghana is planning to establish a deposit protection system in Ghana. It`s planning to be the first type of this protection in Ghana. Small depositors can now expect the new ways and methods to protect their investments from the Ponzi schemes.

MMM Ghana launched
MMM Ghana: Will Ghanians lose their money?

MMM Ghana launched recently. The clients of the MMM scheme were promised to get 30% of their investments monthly. It should be mentioned that the Mavrodi Mondial Movement was banned in several countries across the world. One of the closest countries where this organization was also banned is Nigeria.

The Ponzi Scheme MMM was not a good sign for Nigeria, and it makes no good for Ghana. The Mavrodi Mondial Movement on their official website and Twitter explain that MMM community is a simple scheme where people voluntary receive help from other members. Nevertheless, some Ghanaians are now aware of this scheme. Unfortunately, some of them had to learn about the consequences of joining the scheme in a hard way.

The Mavrodi Mondial Movement has no official license in Ghana now.

MMM Ghana Review Conclusion

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In the early 90s in Russia, Mavrodi created a fantastic scheme, which later gathered almost one-third of all money in Russia. It resulted in the loss of money for millions of people. The same story happened twenty years after in Africa. The actors are certainly the same, but it seems that audience has not changed also.

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