These 7 super beauty SECRETS from African women will make you drop everything and try them (photos)

These 7 super beauty SECRETS from African women will make you drop everything and try them (photos)

- There is fresh hope for African women struggling with beauty issues, as top models share the super beauty secrets that changed their looks forever

- These secrets have been tried and tested by some of the top black beauty queens and female celebrities across the world, most of whom serve as role models to millions of African women

Most African women are constantly on the look out for the latest beauty products to keep themselves glowing and 'super hot'. But sometimes these products, which can also be very expensive, backfire, leaving you frustrated, confused, and stressed.

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These 7 super beauty SECRETS from African women will make you drop everything and try them (photos)

Beyonce Knowles

You need to stop what you are doing right now and take a look at theses seven super beauty secrets, which have been tried and tested by top black beauty queens and celebrities both locally and globally.

1. So you are scared of your old look? To reduce the scary frown lines and wrinkles, just “Smile and Keep It Moving”

These 7 super beauty SECRETS from African women will make you drop everything and try them (photos)

Lupita Nyong'o

As black women, we need to learn the “Smile and Keep It Moving” technique. It is also commonly referred to as the “Don’t Talk Back,” “Just Let It Go”, and “Let the Lord Fight Your Battles.” We are advised by the older women in our lives who’ve walked the road we’re travelling to exercise the beauty ritual in instances of micro-aggression, especially at our work places. It is better to smile and handle these matters graciously than to dish out TF and be labelled “angry” and suffer consequences in the forms of termination, expulsion, or much worse.

2. And did you know that showering with a washcloth can keep your skin soft?

For most black women, washcloths in the shower are equally as important as water and soap. Washcloths are a fave among black women because they scrub away more dirt than just hand-to-body contact. They exfoliate the skin and make it baby smooth because of their semi-abrasive texture. For SUPER results, use separate white washcloths for your face and body. We recommend white washcloths so that you can see all the dirt.

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3. By the way, have you tried Vaseline yet? Take it from me, it can be SUPER face and body moisturiser

We have all at some point in time seen those black woman with face and skin that looks like a baby's, even without makeup. Chances are her mom or grandma slathered Vaseline on her head to toe, against her will, every single day in the early years of her life. Not sure how this became such a thing in black households, but we’re glad it did. The thick and greasy concoction is actually a barrier that locks in moisturiser. According to the Journal of Cosmetic Science, Vaseline works by creating a sealing barrier between cells in dry or damaged skin, which locks in moisture and speeds up your skin’s natural recovery process.

4. Wait a moment, how do you maintain that steady and SUPER glow? It's simple, just eliminate the unnecessary anxiety that comes with stealing other people’s cultures

These 7 super beauty SECRETS from African women will make you drop everything and try them (photos)

Size 8

As a black woman, there is an automatic load of stress that comes into your life the day you come into the world. Therefore we have to find ways to get rid of the unnecessary stress where and when we can. First, stop stealing other people's culture. What if you get caught? And how will you perfectly execute your thieving plan so that no one knows? How will you then justify why you stole whatever you stole in the event that you do get caught? Or, if you’re really a thief, how will you manipulate your victim into thinking you didn’t really steal anything and whatever you stole was actually yours all along? Appreciate your own culture instead, because it's exclusively yours, it's unique and it's SUPER beautiful.

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5. Before we forget, also remember that a jar of organic coconut oil will save you in hair and skin emergencies, and it lasts forever

This is not something new to black woman, except there are a few more SUPER secretes to it. Long before coconut oil hit the mainstream, it was a staple beauty product for black women. If you need to manage naturally curly hair, there’s a coconut oil 'detangle' method. And if you are sensitive to makeup removers, rub some coconut oil into your face and cleanse your face as usual. Some people have also found success in using it to manage acne. The reasons for acne vary and the oil method doesn’t work for everyone, though, so proceed with caution and talk to your dermatologist first.

6. As we wind up, don't ignore covering your hair in 'satin bonnet' for a SUPER beauty rest

These 7 super beauty SECRETS from African women will make you drop everything and try them (photos)

Alice Kamande

To maintain our hair's moisture and prevent breakage caused by friction from cotton sheets and pillow cases, a black woman must sleep in satin bonnet and scarves. Also, resting next to that careless, inconsiderate, and ungentle man isn’t rest at all. You’ll only find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night, wondering where you went wrong and at what point you decided to settle. We all know what restlessness does to the hair, skin, and body. Get you a hair bonnet, and would you please keep off the the troublesome dude, for your hair's sake?

7. It seems you are in a hurry to try these SUPER beauty tricks, but here is one more thing before you leave: Remember to braid out your hair, instead of using hot curler, to avoid heat damage

Heat can damage your beautiful hair, badly. That’s why sometimes instead of using a curling iron or wand, black women will twist or braid their hair. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight, and then untwist or braid it. The end result? A head full of beautiful curl-like ringlets. The pattern from unravelled braids or twists gives a similar effect of hot curled hair, but without the heat. It’s also a great way to “curl” pieces of hair that may be permanently straight from intense heat damage.

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