Cancel Independence day celebrations in Bimbilla- Security council urges

Cancel Independence day celebrations in Bimbilla- Security council urges

The Nanumba-North District Security Council in the Northern Region, has requested permission to cancel the 60th anniversary celebration of Ghana's independence in the Bimbilla District.

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According to a report, the decision follows alleged threats of unrest from two conflicting factions – Dasana and Nakpa – who started a chieftancy dispute only hours to the 60th independence day celebration.

Security council wants Independence Day celebration cancelled in Bimbilla

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On Thursday, February 9, gunshots were heard following the enskinment of a warrior chief by one faction.

There were a number of injuries in the ensuing clashes and two people lost their lives.

The Nanumba North district has seen numerous chieftancy clashes for many years, and has been placed under a curfew since 2014.

According to the security council, the 6th March celebrations pose a serious risk to the lives of the residents in the town especially school children that would be participating in the celebration parade.

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The security council seeks to cancel the celebration over concerns on the current tensions in the town.

The Northern Regional Minister, Saeed Salifu, who is also the Chairman of the Regional Security Committee(REGSEC) is however yet to decide on the request presented by the security council.

The minister is also expected to pay a courtesy call on the overlord of Gonja, Yagbon-Wura Tuntumba Bor-esa II at his palace in the West Gonja District.

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