Deport the Marwako supervisor- Pusiga MP

Deport the Marwako supervisor- Pusiga MP

Hajia Ayishetu Laadi Ayamba, a member of Parliament's Committee for Gender and Children's Affairs has asked for the deportation of the Lebanese supervisor who dipped his employee's face in pepper paste.

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According to Hajia Ayamba, this move will serve as a form of deterrent to other foreign employers from abusing their Ghanaian employees.

Deport Marwako 'Pepper man'- Advocate

The accused- Jihad Chaaban

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Hajia Ayamba who is also the member of parliament for Pusiga was speaking on Class FM on the issues, when she said, "it is completely inhuman, I’m actually not happy about it at all because I don’t know how such a person was assessed and given a working visa to come to Ghana and not with any expertise but to come and be a supervisor of a kitchen where he doesn’t have that human feeling and can dip a lady’s face into pepper."

She stated that it was unfair that the supervisor was initially released on bail and insisted vehemently that he be deported.

Last week, a Lebanese supervisor Jihad Chaaban at the popular fast food restaurant, Marwako, reportedly dipped the face of one of the employees, Evelyn Boakye in a pepper mixture.

The incident was reported to the police, and Chaaban was subsequently arrested. He appeared in court on Wednesday, pleading not guilty however his request for bail was refused.

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He has since been remanded in police custody, and will reappear before court on March 16.

The incident sparked public outrage especially on social media, with many calls to boycott Marwako, as well as an online petition to seek justice for the victim.

Hajia Ayamba remarking further on the incident stated that the role of a supervisor in these establishments should be given to Ghanaians.

"I believe that in Ghana, we have people with such expertise in cooking and I also thought some of these menial jobs should be left for Ghanaians. We have a lot of girls there who can do these jobs. We have a lot of women who have done Catering or Home Science as we use to call it in those days who can do this supervisory role that he is doing. So, why should somebody from outside come and do that job when we need jobs for our people? It’s quite irritating," she said.

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