Marwako Foods laments dip in sales due to assault case

Marwako Foods laments dip in sales due to assault case

According to Marwako Fast Foods' Public Relations Manager, the franchises has suffered a dip in sales since news of an assault incident perpetrated by one of the company's supervisors broke out.

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Marwako Foods laments dip in sales due to assault case

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Mr. Mohammed Amin Lamptey, MArwako Fast Foods Public Relations Manager, speaking to Class91.3 FM's Moro Awudu on the Executive Breakfast Show on Thursday, March 9th related the repercussions Marwako Fast Foods had suffered following their supervisor's faux pas.

“You shouldn’t expect anyone out there to tell you that such a situation will not affect sales. As I said [with] the report on Saturday, if really you are a core client or customer of Marwako, you would have some inner feeling."

"You will feel that this is wrong so it’s enough to change your appetite for Marwako food, so definitely it has really affected us and we are moving around the clock because we have to analyse the issue scientifically,.

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Last week's assault case where a supervisor named Jihad Chaaban allegedly assaulted an employee by grabbing an employee by the neck and smearing her her face in freshly group pepper garnered stern criticism from the Ghanaian public. This to the extent that the hashtag #BoycottMarwako has been created in solidarity with the assaulted employee.

“Ever since the story came out, we’re still trying to monitor and evaluate our sales. Yesterday, we couldn’t work but the calls that we had from our customers was just amazing."

"Some of them even called to empathize with us and we know some of them will decide not to come over again, but I know the strategies that we would be rolling out in the days to come will let them understand the realities and we know the verdict that would be given by the court will rather increase the value of our market shares and we are also even going to attract more customers,” he noted.

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