I dropped out of school in form 4

I dropped out of school in form 4

Madam Ama Sey, Member of Parliament (MP) for the Akwatia Constituency in the Eastern Region, has asked her critics to be patient with her as she improves her handle of the English language.

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I dropped out of school in form 4

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Madam Ama Sey, who was a hairdresser before she got her political calling, maintains that she has no regrets over her much publicized reading President Akufo-Addo's Independence Day speech.

According to the Akwatia legislator, the public criticism she's received has rather pushed her to put more effort into improving her English proficiency. She added that she's also received a lot of praise over her reading performance, and added that some people have rather asked her critics to encourage her.

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“I dropped out of school in Form 4, it is not that I cannot read or understand when you speak English. I can do all except that I have a deficiency in the flow of the Queens language which is not my mother tongue. People should be very patient with me, very soon I will speak English and it will shock many”, she said.

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Other experts have chimed in on the conversation, saying that MPs who are deficient in the English language shouldn't be ridiculed but rather commended. Dr. Dramani, the Executive Director for the African Center for Parliamentary Affairs and one who supports these calls, has said that the use of interpreters would make such MPs even more vulnerable to criticism.

"If they start using this kind of services when everyone else gets up and speaks English, it is going to further create problems," he said.

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