NDC Vice Chairperson blames campaign groups for 2016 campaign loss

NDC Vice Chairperson blames campaign groups for 2016 campaign loss

Madam Anita De Sosoo, the National Democratic Congresses' (NDC) Vice Chairperson, has cut the blame pie for last year's seismic defeat at the general elections and laid a portion of it on the party's campaign groups that sprouted up in the run up to the elections.

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NDC Vice Chairperson blames campaign groups for 2016 campaign loss

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According to the NDC national executive, one of the reasons why the party was not able to perform properly was due to a shortage of funding.

On the other hand, the party's campaign groups formed on the run-up to 2016's general elections received very generous funding but rather were incapable of delivering on their responsibilities, which was the campaign.

These NDC campaign groups were allegedly supposed to canvas the nation and garner votes for former president John Mahama, groups like Zongo for Mahama, Youth for Mahama, Celebrities for Mahama.

Speaking to Kasapa News, Madam De Sosoo stated that the time had come to respect the party's formal structures, and that never again would campaign groups be allowed to operate in a vacuum during election times.

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“These campaign groups which emerged in the runup to the December 7, 2016 elections contributed to our lose in that election. After these groups were formed, the structures that are known to the party rather suffered as they were denied resources. They couldn’t peform to expectation because they lacked the needed resources.

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"The groups were rather benefitting as they went for funds from certain quarters, and while they were happy, the grassroots were complaining. Some of these groups could go to the Volta Region purporting to do campaigning but went there to speak english instead of the ewe language, how can you do such a campaign?”

"I’ve vowed to make sure that the NDC ammends its constitution, whichever group it is should start from the structures…start from the branch level. You don’t sit down for someone to toil and just before an election you come out to form a group. I campaign against such groups until this ammendment is made in the NDC constitution. We’ve had enough of people wanting to do things their own way without following the party structures.“

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