Rise in suicides would be solved with stronger bonds among families- MFKI

Rise in suicides would be solved with stronger bonds among families- MFKI

A group calling themselves the Movement for King Image has said that the rise in suicides rates in Ghana can be solved through stronger family relations rather than prayers.

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In a report by Class FM, the group released a statement in which they state close family ties among family members would offer opportunities for the young ones to open up to the adults and share their problems and frustrations with them.

Strong family ties solution to suicide- MFKI

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"We want to correct the wrong impression being created by a section of Ghanaian media and some ministers of God and other spiritualists that the recent escalating rate of suicide cases in the country is spiritual.

We want to state categorically that there is no iota of spiritualism in the situation we find ourselves in, rather it is as a result of how far we have neglected our way of life in the name of civilization and modernization, which now portrays our traditional way of living as barbaric."

The group released their statement in the wake of the rise in suicide cases in the country over the past couple of weeks.

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When we were brought up by our parents in a family of six siblings, we all ate from one bowl, slept on one bed not because people were poor, but to create some family bonding and love. The importance of this bonding is that it made the children share their problems together for solutions, unlike today in a home of two children [where] every child has his cup, bed, plate, etc. They virtually do nothing together, therefore, they don't have that bonding to share their problems, therefore, the many suicide cases we are witnessing.”

The MFKI group therefore has urged the public to desist from laying spiritual causes on the suicide issues currently, and resort to 'the original way of life.'

According to them, a good number of the cases are due to the victims finding no one to speak to about the challenges facing them.

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