I do not trust the PPP enough to merge with them- PNC flagbearer

I do not trust the PPP enough to merge with them- PNC flagbearer

The People's National Convention (PNC) has expressed distrust in the Progressive People's Party (PPP), stating they do not see a possible merger with the party and other political parties.

On March 13, the PPP held a press conference where they announced a willingness to merge with other political parties to form a strong alliance against the ruling government.

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However, according to the PNC, the PPP and its founder Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom do not espouse the Nkrumahist ideals and such, it would be against their principles to merge with such a part.

PPP not trustworthy for a merger- PNC

Dr Edward Mahama

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Speaking to Citi News, Dr. Edward Mahama, the leader of the PNC said after the 2016 elections, there were some efforts merge with the smaller political parties, attempts all which failed. He however, expressed doubt of the possibility of a merger with the PPP.

"Before the last election, we were in talks with the CPP. We were supposed to field one candidate and that didn’t hold so I will not put too much trust in what they are saying because I have seen it before several times; year after year. People are very dishonest about their intentions.

“PPP said they are not Nkrumahists, we are Nkrumahists, so what kind of relationship do they want with us? It is true that he [Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom] is not an Nkrumahist, he left CPP, so if PPP wants unity, they should re-enter CPP, and PNC and CPP can have that relationship because we are both Nkrumahists,” Dr Mahama said.

He further stated, "I don’t trust them [PPP] one bit. Why did he [Dr. Nduom] leave CPP in the first place and now he wants to unite with them. He should go back to CPP, then we will have Nkrumahist unity, or he should declare that he is an Nkrumahist, then we can have that relationship. We are Nkrumahist, whether we are losing elections or not, we are not running away from that label."

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Meanwhile, the Convention People's Party has expressed its willingness to merge with the PPP.

According to a Citi FM report, the communications director of the CPP, Abdul Rauf Kadir said the party would welcome a proposal of a possible merger and was open to talks with the PPP.

"The Convention People’s Party has always looked forward to the day where all the smaller parties, especially the Nkrumahist parties, come together to form a formidable political force in the country to rescue the mass of the people from the broken promises of the both the NDC and NPP.

"We in the CPP, it is in our DNA that any move or discussion towards unity must be given the highest premium so we actually have an open door. Our We are very positive that this time around, even though Ghana is increasingly becoming a duo-politic political party system between the NDC and NPP, we believe that all the smaller political parties that reason and think like the CPP will come together so that we can forge ahead together," Abdul Kadir stated.

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