Information minister's justification for 110 ministers incompetent- Gyampo

Information minister's justification for 110 ministers incompetent- Gyampo

Prof. Ransford Gyampo, a lecturer at the University of Ghana political science department has criticized the size of President Akufo-Addo's government.

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Prof. Gyampo opined that the size of the new government is too large for a country such as Ghana.

Speaking in interview with Kasapa FM, Prof. Gyampo posited that just because an individual's support to the NPP during their campaign was notable, it did not mean they were qualified for a position in the government.

Akufo-Addo's ministers too many; hamid's justification incompetent- Gyampo

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"If we don’t take care we’ll end up appointing majority of Ghanaians as ministers because those who worked and voted for the NPP to win the last elections are many. The number of appointees are to much, this is the biggest government in the history of Ghana’s Fourth Republic," he said.

Gyampo further stated, “why can’t we run the country like the private sector running a business. Private sector is always competent and efficient but uses few people to do the job which produces a lot of successes, but the situation changes when it comes to government. I heard the Information Minister providing an incompetent explanation and justification for the large number of ministers, I was so disappointed. for it…he saying NPP never promised a lean government, but wants a big government? All over the world countries that want to develop, work with a lean government made up of people who are competent."

Earlier this week, President Akufo-Addo appointed a total of 110 ministers to his cabinet, which makes his administration the largest in the Fourth Republic.

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The previous Mahama administration had 78 ministerial appointments while former President Kufuor's government had 88 ministers and the Mills administration with 69 ministerial appointees.

The total size of the NPP government has drawn mixed reactions from different sides of the public and the opposition. While many disapprove of the large size of the government, others are of the view the president appointed that many officials for an efficient administration.

Prof Gyampo further remarked that the true workers in any government are the civil servants, not the appointed ministers; adding that if civil servants had the mandate to execute their duties to their full capabilities, the country would have no need for ministers.

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