Meet Ghanaian man who got a wife and kids in USA to support his wife and child in Ghana

Meet Ghanaian man who got a wife and kids in USA to support his wife and child in Ghana

Editor's note: YEN brings you a true story of a Ghanaian man living in the United States who finds himself in a dicey situation of marriage, family and survival. It is just one version of the story of thousands of Ghanaians who emigrate to the US seeking greener pastures. The identity of the subject has been concealed to maintain anonymity and the photos used in the story are actual pictures of the subject taken by YEN senior editor, Laila Abubakari.

They sadly stood in silence in front of the departure gate at the Kotoka International airport, both probably sinking deep into their biggest fears for the journey that lay ahead for one of them, but for the good of the entire family.

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Meet Ghanaian man who got a wife and kids in USA to support his wife and child in Ghana

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That was eight years ago when Jones (not actual name), now 34-years-old said goodbye to his wife with whom he had a daughter. They had been in a relationship for over 4 years before they decided to make it official. But Jones, who hails from the Ashanti Region did not want a civil marriage for one reason.

I was travelling on a B2 visa at the time, which limited me to just tourism and up to six months stay in this country. I wanted to work here and make more money to take care of my family and I had been advised to find someone here to marry to enable me get my papers.

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And so after working illegally at a warehouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey for over 6 months for a $13 an hour pay, Jones managed to save up most of his earnings to pay someone, preferably one with a citizenship, to marry him.

Meet Ghanaian man who got a wife and kids in USA to support his wife and child in Ghana

In the US, it is a common story to hear a potential migrant got married for “papers” (the common term for the authorisation to live and work in the US); most of the time at an expense. Some American citizens, at the risk of being caught and jailed, offer aliens the opportunity through marriage to become legally resident in the United States for a huge sum of money.

The first lady I was connected to charged me $6000. She said that was the best price she could offer, although she subsequently milked more money out of me for flimsy reasons. Hers was just to act like she’s in love with me and has known me for years. Then we get married and start the paper work.

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However, things did not go as planned for Jones as his business partner pulled a fast one on him after their “fake” marriage and did not show up for any of the appointments with the lawyer for the process to begin. Of course, by then, she had been paid in full.

Jones lost his money and also had to pay for a divorce in order for him to start pursuing the next best option. Luckily for him, as he narrated, a friend he met at a gym had a crush on him and since he was desperate, decided to lure her into a marriage after dating her shortly.

His new wife was the happiest woman on earth, whose social media pages, which before, were very bland and dormant became alive with photos and updates of her new life as a wife in a loving relationship.

Before long, she announced to Jones that she was carrying their first child; essentially his second, but dare he speak a word. He continued to play along, even leading to a second child. All this while, he kept contact with his wife back home in Ghana who was waiting on her husband to come back for her as he had promised.

Meet Ghanaian man who got a wife and kids in USA to support his wife and child in Ghana

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Jones has his citizenship now and has visited his family back in Ghana a couple of times, but has managed to keep his new family away from the West African country.

I want to leave my American wife. I don’t love her. I only needed her for the papers. We made a family in the process but hey, it’s a tough life. We must move on.

On whether he will tell his Ghanaian family about this secret life he’s leading, he says: “At some point they will have to know because I want my children to know each other. But for now, I have to think about how to leave my wife here to go back for my Ghanaian wife. I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life in America or with an American. I have to go home at some point and I want to be married to someone with whom I have cultural similarities. These American women are a lot of work.

While Jones waits for something horrible to trigger a divorce with his American wife, he is paying a “connection” man in Ghana to try and get his Ghanaian wife to come join him in the US. However, if he is able to go through with a divorce soon, he will return to Ghana, have a civil wedding and bring his wife with him to the United States.




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