Asset Retrieval Task Force accusted of theft

Asset Retrieval Task Force accusted of theft

Mr. Emmanuel Kwadwo Agyekum, has alleged that members of the president's Asset Retrieval Task Force had stolen gold bars from his V8 Land Cruiser vehicle earlier this week.

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Asset Retrieval Task Force accusted of theft

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Retelling the sequence of events to Joy News , Mrs. Priscilla Agyekum, the former deputy minister's wife, stated that the bars had been in the vehicle since that morning pending their shipment to the Arab Emirates.

“On Tuesday morning the guys came to the house, the items were in the car to be sent to the office to be shipped to Dubai. But on Tuesday evening we realized the items were not in the car."

"We asked them for their warrant but they did not have any. When we asked for their identification cards only one guy had his to show," she said.

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According to the former deputy local government minister's wife, in the heat of the moment neither her nor her husband remembered that the gold bars had been in the vehicle up until after the theft occurred.

Mrs. Agyekum stated that they gave the men access to the vehicle when they requested to see the vehicle's paperwork. The former deputy minister's wife stated that the men, upon having seen the SUV's paperwork, said they believed that there was a Toyota Camry and Prado in the premises.

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"But we told them we don't have them and that we have returned all vehicles given to us by the state."

Mrs. Priscilla Agyekum later stated that when they went to the police station to see to their complaint over the incident, the Police Commander called the Task Force Commander to verify if the men - one Mr. were sent from the Presidency....o which he said no.

"The task force chairman said no and that they have warned that Ahinkora to stop going around seizing cars from people. The task force commander then told the commander to treat the case a criminal case because Ahinkora was not sent by the state," she said.

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