Dare not contest Cadman Mills' revelations- Allotey Jacobs warns NDC members

Dare not contest Cadman Mills' revelations- Allotey Jacobs warns NDC members

Allotey Jacobs, the Central Regional chairman of the National Democratic Congress, has backed the revelations made by the brother of the late President Mills, regarding the state of the former president's health before his passing.

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According to Mr Jacobs, the statements by Dr. Cadman Mills were true, and as such members of the party should not step in to defend against them.

Cadman's revelation on Atta Mills very true- Allotey Jacobs

Cadman Mills

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The NDC chairman was reacting to the revelations in an interview with Kasapa FM, when he said, "It will be good for the NDC to allow the revelations Dr Cadman Mills made about his brother the late President Mills to pass under the bridge because they are all true. That is my advice to the NDC, I know that a lot of things that he said Ghanaians didn’t know initially but they are very true. The family is very peeved about how the late President’s health was handled by his handlers and so the NDC must not dare to contest what he has put out, otherwise we’ll regret as a party."

In an interview with Bola Ray on Starr FM, Dr Cadman Mills recounted the last few times he saw his brother before he died.

"Somethings were happening that I must be very honest I wasn’t happy about. Fiifi (ex Prez Mills) as I called him was very open, very honest and he’ll sit down with you and tell you in gory detail what his prognosis was, what the diagnosis of his disease was. He’s not somebody who will hide things but for some strange reason they decided that politically it was not allowable for people to know that he was sick…before that I went to China and when I came back I couldn’t recognize my brother, he was not even coherent.

He was very visibly sick and I’d never seen him like that before and I said we had to evacuate him immediately…we had to go to the U.S and that is when they started telling me that elections are going to be soon and politically it was not right….that was the first time I was very disrespectful of the Presidency," he said.

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Cadman Mills further explained that he lambasted the late president's handlers after realizing they were reluctant to to take the matter of his health as first priority.

What really got me furious was that they said he was going to the U.S for routine medical checkup and I said what are you people talking about. My brother is a human being, he’s not well…I wanted him to take the time necessary to get well.

The fact of your being a president doesn't mean you don’t get sick and what is political about getting sick? What ever got him ill was it April or May was something I’d never seen before surely enough we went to the US and luckily enough they detected very quickly what causing it and he got much better," he added.

The late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills died on July 24, 2012 after being ill over a period of time. He is the first elected president to pass away while still in office.

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