Ghanaian gay man confesses to sleeping with 500 men

Ghanaian gay man confesses to sleeping with 500 men

Homosexuality remains an eyesore in Ghana but in the midst of the rejection and scorn, the gay society seems to be finding ways to live and enjoy life to the fullest.

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An interaction with a gay man in Accra by a reporter from Starr FM show that not only is he HIV positive but also slept with over 500 men.

Benjy, as he is called confessed to have suffered a terrible childhood which plunged him into the act. In the shocking interview, the young gay man also reveals how he has had encounters with married men on their matrimonial bed just as a way of proving that gay lives matter.

“I have slept with over 500 men, I hit 250 at 2012. I have slept with various men especially married men. When it comes with married men, I even sleep with them on their marriage bed. Sometimes I go to church because the pastor is cute. I still have unprotected encounters even though I am HIV positive. I believe love is a thing of the weak. If you want love, buy a puppy. The society that we live in frowns on homosexuality but we will try to live with it just as we live with Malaria,” he revealed.

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So far, the laws banning homosexuality remains unclear in Ghana - a development which has seen the speaker of parliament, Prof Mike Ocquaye, criticized for having called for its outright criminalization.

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