40 percent of Ghanaians are depressed - Psychologist

40 percent of Ghanaians are depressed - Psychologist

According to Dr. Dr Carnita Groves, a psychologist and professional counselor, about 40 percent of Ghanaians are experiencing some form of depression.

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40 percent of Ghanaians are depressed - Psychologist

Dr Carnita Groves

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“Out of 10, probably four or five people at any given time will be suffering from depression because it is very prevalent,” said Dr. Carnita, speaking to Moro Awudu on Class FM’s Executive Breakfast Show on Wednesday, April 5th.

According to Dr. Groves, although certain "mild" forms of depression are naturally resolved by one's body, others demand clinical treatment. She unambiguously highlighted the need for depression to be, as one outcome of untreated depression is suicide.

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She added that although certain pharmaceutical companies would would like depression treatment to include manufactured pills and capsules, she prefers a more holistic approach where depression is resolved in a more natural manner.

Dr. Groves stated that the among other things, the depression can be caused by a lack of proper nutrients or proper hydration.

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“We say people are depressed not because they are deficient in any chemical drug. They are depressed, at least so far as nutrition is concerned, because they are deficient in prebiotics or probiotics. Maybe they are not getting enough fiber to help stabilize their blood sugar.

Maybe they are not well hydrated and simply not drinking enough water on a given day… If you are not getting enough nutrients, your brain is not going to fill [with required nutrients], so we tend to approach it that way and look at behavior and lifestyle as the most effective way to deal with depression,” she added

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