Condemn Kennedy Agyapong for his 'misconducts'- Gyampo

Condemn Kennedy Agyapong for his 'misconducts'- Gyampo

Prof. Ransford Gyampo, a lecturer at the University of Ghana political science department has called on the leadership of the New Patriotic Party, to reproach the member of parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong for his defiance against the president.

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According to Prof. Gyampo, the NPP MP's blatant disrespect of the president's authority should not be tolerated and must be condemned by the party.

Tame 'misconducting' Kennedy Agyapong

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He said that the NPP had over the years, kept mute of the NPP bigwig's brazen antics, which he opined could be dangerous to the country's peaceful state.

Prof. Gyampo was speaking on Starr FM on Tueday, when he said, "What is worrying is that it looks as if in our body politic or in our multi-party democratic dispensation we tend to tolerate and glorify certain individuals who may have gain notoriety in causing disaffection for the party…certain individuals who may have gained notoriety in spewing political invectives and also inciting people to go on rampage or for violence and all that. And I’m specifically referring to people like honourable Kennedy Agyapong."

Pprof. Gyampos comments follow the Assin Central MP's threat to the president following the Delta Force incidents, where he said he would instigate even more chaos if the president and the National Security Minister did not stop their warnings of arrest.

"I have said it, if he likes he should come and arrest me. I am ready for them; I have a lot of issues and if they don’t take care I will bring the party down," Mr Agyapong had said.

Prof. Gyampo noted that it was time persons who openly defied the head of state in such a manner were condemned, further adding that it came as no surprise that the Delta Force group launched another attack in Kumasi after the MP's utterances.

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"So that if for nothing at all for the sake of party discipline if the whole commander-in-chief, the leader of a party, the head of state comes up to say some of these things to call for calm and restraint and to say that those who have taken the laws in their hands must be brought to book. If for nothing at all for party discipline sake….we should respect what the president says.

But we have a president coming up to say something and we have a senior person in the party also coming up to dare the president and all that. I think it is something that is unacceptable and it is about time those gaining notoriety within political parties for doing some of these things [are condemned," he added.

Meanwhile, the 13 members of the Delta Force that escaped during the attack on the Kumasi circuit court, and later turned themselves in have been fined on extra charges for their escape.

They were fined on 200 penalty units amounting GHC 2,400 each and would face up three years if they defaulted.

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