Blame me for 2016 election loss - Mahama

Blame me for 2016 election loss - Mahama

Former president John Dramani Mahama has urged all members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to blame him for last year's election defeat if they must.

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Blame me for 2016 election loss - Mahama

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John Dramani Mahama, Ghana's former president, has urged NDC members going on public platforms in order to blame certain members of his erstwhile administration to hold him accountable for last Decembers election defeat.

“Some say the young people [are to blame]; just say: ‘I don’t like the people’ and not that they are young,” said Mahama.

At a meeting held on March 28th with members of the immediately past NDC administration, president Mahama pondered why certain members continuously pointed out the "youth" of his past administration's members. He recounted how former President Rawling's entourage were young men during the revolutionary days.

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Blame me for 2016 election loss - Mahama

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“In the revolutionary period, all those surrounding Rawlings were in their twenties and thirties… It is not about age, our party has always given opportunities to young people and that is what we are, and so if we lose we should not blame the young people."

"The demographics of Ghana is shifting in favour of young people, with [persons] 35 years and below forming about 60 per cent of our population. So when you want appointees, where are you going to get them from? And you need those people to gain experience to become what you consider as older and experienced people.”

According to former President Mahama, the reasons why the NDC lost last year's general elections are "multifaceted", but nevertheless stated that as the party's leader the responsibility ultimately rested on him.

“Of course, as the General who led us into battle, I take ultimate responsibility for our losing the election, and so if it will satisfy those people, blame me for the loss,” said Mahama.

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