Agbogbloshie clashes not politically motivated- Yendi MP

Agbogbloshie clashes not politically motivated- Yendi MP

Mohammed Tijani, the deputy minister for foreign affairs and the member of parliament for Yendi has said that the ethnic clashes that occurred at the Agbogbloshie market, between the Dagombas and the Konkombas, should be treated as a criminal activity.

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According to him, the matter should not be linked to politics and asked the media and the general public to see the incident as a criminal issue.

treat Agbogbloshie clashes as criminal- MP

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In an interview on Accra FM on Thursday, the Yendi MP said, "This should not be linked to politics. This should not be handled like Dagombas and Konkombas but it should be handled like a criminal issue because it is purely criminal.

“[If] all those who are involved will be dealt with, then the underlining factor is what we are going to engage them [on]."

Three persons were killed and about 8 injured in the clashes between the two ethnic factions on Tuesday, April 11 near the Agbogbloshie yam market.

The Accra Regional Police command has began investigations into the clashes that were allegedly sparked by a phone theft.

About five persons have been arrested in connection to the clashes, while a number of locally manufactured weapons were also seized.

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Meanwhile, in an interview with Class FM, Emmanuel Bombande, the former deputy minister of foreign affairs has called for a peaceful dialogue between the two feuding ethnic factions at Agbogbloshie.

He said, “what we should be doing right is to understand at a deeper level that this is a community in need of a human security approach much more than enforcing peace through the police. You want to be able to engage the communities by creating the space for dialogue that makes it possible for peaceful co-existence and tolerance to prevail. But that dialogue must be designed."

He further stated, “so what we need to do is to get the National Peace Council to sit down and have the kind of consultation that will design how the dialogue should be like. Though we say dialogue is important don’t just jump into it. How should it be? Who should be part of it? What should be the agenda? Where do we see the dialogue going? And that is why it then comes along with the government’s role of investing in human security so that the reorganisation of that community and that neighbourhood is in itself reflective of the outcomes of the dialogue.”

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