Never dream of staying in Libya - Ghanaian returnees warn

Never dream of staying in Libya - Ghanaian returnees warn

- Some Ghanaian immigrants in Libya say they regret travelling to the war-torn country

- Most of these immigrants have returned to Ghana sharing their darkest experiences

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Being an immigrant in Libya has now been confirmed to be a deadly venture as hundreds of Ghanaian nationals who left for the North African country are returning with bad news of human right violations and exploitation.

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Many of these immigrants, who returned to Ghana via the Kotoka International Airport, are reported to have narrated their ordeals to Ghanaweb and TV3 . According to them, they badly regret leaving a “peaceful nation as Ghana” to a “lawless state like Libya”.

Here is the interview by some of these Ghanaians at the Kotoka Airport

“There are so many criminals there. The environment is not conducive. Even if you struggle to work, some people will take your money from you forcefully. Their currency has really depreciated to the extent that you can work for four months before getting an equivalent of $1. There is nothing in Libya. You just work for nothing” a migrant revealed.

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This video of a section of Ghanaians in Libya will make you weep

Life in Libya is documented to be one of the most difficult and challenging following the human right abuses often recorded especially across the Sahara Desert.

Since the overthrow and killing of Libyan leader, Qaddafi, the North African state is feared to have been thrown into disarray especially as the cost of living soars amidst rising terrorist activities.

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