Security expert demands legal sanctions against persons involved in missing cocaine saga

Security expert demands legal sanctions against persons involved in missing cocaine saga

- Last week, about $30 million worth of cocaine went missing from the Tema Port

- The relevant security agencies have launched an investigation into the incident

- Dr Anning has called for sanctions against the persons involved when caught

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Dr. Kwesi Anning, the head of research at the Kofi Anna Peace-Keeping Training Center has demanded that the persons involved in the alleged missing $30 million worth of cocaine face the law.

Culprits in missing cocaine saga should be punished

Bags of cocaine

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According to Dr Anning, the incident which is a mainly an intelligence mishap, could hurt the reputation of the country and as such the culprits in the case, when found should face legal repercussions.

"This is not a case about 30 million dollars, this is a case about National Security, and we have to ensure that we use the law to get answers from those who have failed this country," he said.

According to a report by Citi FM, Dr Anning wondered about the conflicting reports on the incident, stating that in the intelligence community, were laid down guidelines to how institutions shared information and collaborated on matters such as this.

To him, it was unusual that such an incident would occur without the institutions concerned following the guidelines for addressing such matters.

"There are standards as to how multiple institutions must collaborate and share information to the community so it raises the fundamental question as to why those standard procedures were not followed, but this is not for the first time. We saw it with the Nayele case where the National Institution which was expected to have collaborated with the British did not, but was lying to us later on.

Even in the Tehoda case where an institution which ought to protect us was actually named one of their own officers and those who actually committed the crime, and we are seeing this repeat itself. What are the possible or potential domestic networks that allow the leakages to happen?” he asked.

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Last week, according to a report by the Finder newspaper 10 bags of cocaine, each weighing 50kg with an estimated total street value of $30 million which were hidden in a consignment of rice, vanished from the Tema Port before law enforcement agencies could impound it.

The report said the ship carrying the container which had the cocaine arrived at the port in December 2016. For two months, the owner of the container remained unavailable to assist the authorities to inspect it, hence it was placed under 24-hour surveillance.

However, on February 23, 2017, customs decided to conduct a mandatory inspection of the container only to discover that the 10 bags of cocaine had disappeared.

Culprits in missing cocaine saga should be punished

Dr. Kwesi Anning

K9 dogs which are specially trained to detect cocaine reportedly confirmed traces of cocaine in the container.

The Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) and Ghana Customs Service have reportedly launched an investigation into the cocaine's disappearance.

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Meanwhile, Confidence Nyadzi, the Sector Commander of the Customs Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS), of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), at the Tema Port, had earlier denied the reports that the $30 million dollars worth of cocaine had disappeared from the Port.

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