Kofi Adams is a nuisance to the NDC - Agbesi

Kofi Adams is a nuisance to the NDC - Agbesi

The national organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been described as a nuisance and threat to the growth of the party after an alleged mismanagement of a debt owed the Metro Mass Transit (MMT) Limited.

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Kofi Adams is a nuisance to the NDC - Agbesi

Kofi Adams - National Organiser, NDC

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According to a member of the Communications team of the NDC, Agbesi Nutsu, Mr Adams’ arrogance is getting to new levels and if not checked will discourage people from joining the party.

A debt owed state transporter, Metro Mass Transit (MMT) Limited summing up to about GH1.9 million for renting the buses during the campaign period in 2016, is still yet to be paid fully.

Mr. Kofi Adams who acknowledged the dealings with Metro Mass has alleged that the NDC has paid GHC410,000 ‘for the mean time’ pending a final determination over the cost.

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But in an interview with Kasapa News Agbesi Nutsu accused Mr Adams of doing a poor job at coordinating the party’s campaign including the manner in which he handled MMT issue which has ran the NDC into problems.

But Abesi Nutsu will not have any of Kofi Adams’ disrespect for his fellow party members, threatening to cause the latter’s defeat when the NDC goes to congress.

Today he calls me a nonentity in the party saying I have no locus, but I campaigned for him to become National Organizer. He should remember that some of us started the journey to make the NDC what it is now before he joined,” Agbesi said.

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He added: “Because today you (Kofi Adams) are National Organizer, you bluff all over the place. What you’re doing now, people have done it in the past. Today is your turn, tomorrow will be another person’s. You’ve become a nuisance to the organization called NDC.”

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