Daddy Lumba is a crook, he robbed me of over GHS360,000 - Great Ampong

Daddy Lumba is a crook, he robbed me of over GHS360,000 - Great Ampong

There is fire on the mountain and it is burning for both Kwadwo Isaiah Ampong and Daddy Lumba.

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The Ghanaian gospel musician had reportedly accused Lumba of being indebted to him to the tune of GHS 360,000 and he had vowed to collect it.

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The musician was speaking on Deloris Frimpong's "Delay Show" when he made the revelation. According to Great Ampong, Daddy Lumba is a cheat who manipulated him into collaboration but refused to pay him his share of money.

Daddy Lumba vs Great Ampong
Daddy Lumba vs Great Ampong

He asked me to collaborate with him to thank God after recovering from his sickness and this was on phone", he said.

Ampong said that he had gone to the legendary highlife musician's house to discuss the issue and even decided to split the revenue 60/40 instead of the 50/50 as proposed by Daddy Lumba.

I later went over to his home and we sat and spoke about it and even though we suggested we split 50/50, I told him because he was my older brother we should go on 60/40 percentage”.

Despite all this, Ampong maintains that Lumba found crooked ways to rob him of the proceeds from the song.

I was told by some church members that the money which was generated from the launch of the song was put in a ‘Ghana Must Go’ bag and transferred into Daddy Lumba’s car.” Great Ampong told Delay.

He revealed that even though he didn't hear from Lumba for a year after the launch, he will find ways to take his money no matter what.

"I want him to know that I will take my money anywhere I meet him and that is a promise", he conclused.

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