Npp national youth organizer defends Delta Force 8 release, calls them innocent

Npp national youth organizer defends Delta Force 8 release, calls them innocent

- NPP national youth organizer defends government's decision to discontinue Delta Force 8 trial

- He says to continue investigating innocent Delta Force members would be a waste of time

The ruling New Patriotic Party's (NPP) National Youth Organizer, Mr. Sammy Awuku, has indicated that to continue to investigate the Delta Force 8 would be a "waste of time and resources".

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Npp you organizer defends Delta Force 8 release, calls them innocent

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On Wednesday May 17th, a court presided by Justice Patricia Amponsah struck out the case regarding 8 Delta Force members who "rescued" their fellow gang members from lawful custody on grounds that the prosecution lacked evidence. The group had been charged with freeing 13 persons from lawful custody, resisting arrest, and disturbing a court session.

The prosecution's decision to discontinue its case has been met with widespread condemnation from members of the opposition, who've described it as shocking. While ruling party members and sympathizers described the move as apt and, or just.

Commenting on the issue, NPP national youth organizer Sammy Awuku stated that the prosecution would have had a hard time proving beyond reasonable doubt that those standing trial were indeed the same ones who raided the court "Rambo style".

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen program, Mr. Awuku stated that government would not unjustly sacrifice the innocent Delta Force members on the "alter of politics".

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Mr. Awuku contended that the Delta Force 8 who stood trial were in fact not present at the time their group attacked the court and, thus, re-arresting them would be an affront on their fundamental human rights.

Let’s not give innocent people a bad name, add political colour and hang them on the altar of politics,” said Mr. Awuku, adding that, "It is better 10 guilty men go free than one innocent man being convicted wrongly. The onus lies with the police to prove their case”.

Mr. Awuku, in a surreptitious swipe at the opposition, stated that he couldn't understand why the opposition were all of a suddenly defending the judiciary since they had perpetrated a worse offence. He was alluding to last year's Montie 3 case, where 2 panelists and a radio presenter made verbally abusive comments on live radio towards Supreme Court judges.

"The prosecution said they don’t have evidence so if the NDC which is insisting the eight persons are re-arrested should provide evidence”.

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On Wednesday May 17th, 2017, a Kumasi court


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