Mom and son graduate in the same year and his beautiful tribute to her will melt your heart

Mom and son graduate in the same year and his beautiful tribute to her will melt your heart

- A son has shared a beautiful tribute to his mom

- Both graduated in 2016

- He thanked her for her dedication to her kids while pursuing her own studies

A mother's love endures, and there is no mistaking this simple statement in a son's beautiful tribute to his mother.

Writing on Because of Them We Can Facebook page, Demetrius Harmon started by noting his and his mother's coinciding graduations.

He said when he was graduating from kindergarten, his mother was graduating with an associate's degree. When he graduated from high school in 2016, his mother earned her master's degree.

Demetrius wrote that despite his mother losing several close members of her family and studying while pregnant or raising kids, she never wavered.

She also worked two jobs and went the extra mile to make sure her kids lived a comfortable life.

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Demetrius wrote: "You earned your master's degree, stayed committed to your workout regimen, maintained your 9-5 job, started a business, and was always there when needed as a mom."

Finally, he concluded with a touching message: "You have your faults and I never expect you to be perfect, but if my future wife is half a mother to our children as you were to me and my brothers, then I'll be satisfied."

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What a loving tribute from the heart! Social media commenters were touched too. Elisa Brickell wrote: "Beautiful tribute to your mom, who is obviously wonderful since she has raised an incredible son. Congratulations to you both on all of your successes and achievements!!!"

Watch another inspiring graduation story in the video below.

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