Suspended church member interrupts and brings church service to a halt

Suspended church member interrupts and brings church service to a halt

- An angry church member disrupted the Akapoliso Church of Christ's Sunday service

- The church member demanded to be allowed to confess his sins before he would leave

- The angry member had been suspended for four months by the church for worshiping with another congregation

A suspended church member of the Akapoliso Church of Christ congregation disrupted the church's service on Sunday demanding that he be heard before the service could continue.

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Suspended church member interrupts and brings church service to a halt

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It seems like Sunday service at the Akapoliso Church of Christ branch took an unexpected turn yesterday as a suspended - and outraged - member of the congregation barged into the church mid-service and demanded to confess his sins.

The visibly upset congregation member stated that so long as he did not confess his sins, his suspension would hold no water.

The angry protester, named Mr. Frank Ayittey, said that his only offense had been that he had chosen to worship with another branch of the Church of Christ.

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Unfortunately, his original church [the Akapoliso branch] felt that his new church place of worship was not affiliated to them, and that the new Church's doctrines were not in line with that of the Church of Christ's.

Due to this, Mr. Ayittey stated that he was then handed a letter informing him of his four month suspension. Mr. Stated that since he was informed of the church's stance, all attempts to be heard have proved futile.

Responding to Mr. Ayittey's report, The Church's General Secretary, Mr. Joseph KA Gyanpong, related that the Mr. Ayittey Frank had been suspended because he did not adhere to the church's laws.

He further stated that Mr. Ayittey's actions had disregarded the church's laws.

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