She wanted to be a lawyer, but she had to sell her body to feed her siblings

She wanted to be a lawyer, but she had to sell her body to feed her siblings

She was about to take a career in Law, but her family needed help and, like a super girl, she decided to take the forte of being the bread-winner of the family. It turned out, rescuing entails selling her body because the situation is dire. YEN talks to Joana about the decision that changed her life!

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I am into this because of my poor family - Young prostitute opens up to
Joana agreed to have this interview with YEN under condition of anonymity. She also agreed to have just parts of her bodies taken for purposes of credibility

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The circumstances of life never favored poor Joana who now finds herself as a “first class” prostitute in Accra. My name is Charles, an editor with YEN and an author of this story.

My investigations with Joana started at the auditorium of one of Ghana’s most influential churches. Just like any gentleman would do in meeting a decently dressed lady, I smiled gently at Joana who I believe has been stealing glances at me just as I was about taking my seat. Strangely enough, she was so friendly and outgoing with me that I had wondered if indeed she might be a long time school mate I had forgotten.

Taken over by her friendly demeanor towards me, YEN decided to spend just 5 minutes of my after-church time to engage in a brief conversation with Joana who incidentally happened to be a first time member of my church.

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We talked and exchanged numbers with the aim of getting to know her more and introduce her to the traditions and belief systems of being a modern day Christian.

Our discussions on phone where very cordial and friendly, until the waves turned one night when Joana inquired of me when we could go out for dinner “…and spend the night together at an affordable cost”.

Taken aback by her sudden change of tone which was typical of the role prostitutes played in movies, I wasn’t just flustered but moved to tease out an interaction with the church mate, Joana who indeed turns out to be call girl.

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For the purposes of her privacy and also the integrity of my job as a YEN reporter, I decided to have a 30-minute interview with Joana who granted to speak to me under one condition – that our interaction does not in any way or form reveal her true identity but rather churn the narrative on the real reasons why most innocent ladies venture into the risky adventure of prostitution.

Below is YEN's full interaction with Joana:

YEN: Thanks for this opportunity to meet up with you, Joana.

Joana: My pleasure!

YEN: For how many years have you been a prostitute?

Joana: You know, I hate to be called a prostitute…I think the term “escort” will do.

YEN: Why hate the term prostitute, after all being an escort bores down to the same thing, prostitution?

Joana: It’s a cheap term, I hate it. Besides you can’t compare me to the girls on the street. I am far more educated than them.

YEN: When you say you’re far more educated what exactly do you mean?

Joana: Apparently I had to drop out of school because my parents who live in the village had no money to pay for my fees. So, yea! I consider myself at least educated.

YEN: Why prostitution, Joana?

Joana: Hmm, I don’t even know where to start from. I wanted money to complete my diploma course in 2015. I couldn’t just sit back and watch my friends graduate without me and as I said, parents said they had no money.

YEN: Tell me more about your family?

Joana: I am the first born with two siblings; the boy is 17 and the girl just 9 years old. An even these two I have to take care of them.

YEN: So is that the main reason why you chose prostitution?

Joana: My brother, there are no jobs! If students with Degrees and Masters are sitting home unemployed, how much more a school drop-out who studied barely have a Diploma ? Besides, you go ask a friend of help and all they want is to be intimate with you so why enter into this?

YEN: How then do you cope taking care of your siblings?

Joana: The small boy, my younger brother, was born with epilepsy. My mother has taken him to various hospitals for 17 years now. So now that they are all old, I as the elderly girl need to take care of them.

YEN: Are you making much money from this business?

Joana: (Laughs) Please don’t call this a business. I call it slavery!

YEN: Can I say it’s because of how you sometimes get treated by your clients?

Joana: Not really, it’s because I feel like I am paying the cost of being a loving sister. In the name of loving my family and not wanting to see them disgraced in life, I rather choose to sacrifice my life.

YEN: How much do you make, if I may ask?

Joana: I am a Christian and I think disclosing how much I make from this thing could lure other ladies to do what I am doing. It’s a risky adventure I am taking. I wouldn’t say I am making much money but it’s enough to feed the family and by medications for my brother.

YEN: What can make you quit prostitution?

Joana: That’s a difficult question. No one wants to be in a distasteful experience forever, not even a thief. I have regrets and so does the thief who steals.

YEN: Whenever you retire to bed, what prayer do you say to God before sleeping?

Joana: I always ask God; “why me?”

YEN: “Why me?”

Joana: “Why me?” It’s like He’s left me here on Earth to suffer and carry the burden of others.

YEN: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Joana: I’m 28 years of age so I wish to see myself with a family and kids by that time.

YEN: Any word to government?

Joana: What can government do for me? I leave them to God! They also have their own troubles to face not mine.

YEN: Thanks Joana for this time with YEN?

Joana: Thanks also to for hearing my side of the story, God bless you.

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