“Indiscipline” Rawlings has no business being happy about June 4th celebration – Kabila

“Indiscipline” Rawlings has no business being happy about June 4th celebration – Kabila

- CPP's Kabila fires at Rawlings for celebrating June 4th revolution

- He says Rawlings should be bundled and put behind bars for killing some Ghanaians under his military regime

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A leading member of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), James Kwabena Bomfeh has descended heavily on former president Jerry John Rawlings for what he described as his annual insistence to impose the celebrations of June 4th revolution on Ghanaians.

“Indiscipline” Rawlings has no business being happy about June 4th celebration – Kabila

James Kwabena Bomfeh aka Kabila

According to the CPP’s out-spoken member, the former military leader should be in jail by now for the many killings and brutalities meted out some Ghanaians without trial if proper laws and structures were in place in Ghana.

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Speaking on Peace FM’s Morning Show Programme Kwabena Bomfeh, labeled ex-president Rawlings as hypocritical that must be shot down in Ghanaian political history.

“Chairman Rawlings himself confessed he supervised the killings of some high ranking officers in the military without trial because their actions in 1972 coup d’état had brought the name of the army into disrepute, only for him to turn around and overthrow a constitutional regime in 1979 in another coup that overthrew the third Republican Constitution under Dr Hilla Liman,” he charged.

Kabila as he is popularly called argues that, despite all hooliganism, brutality and killings that Ghana witnessed under the military regime in 1981, he Rawlings cunningly sort to protected himself and his criminally minded cronies under the indemnity clauses under the 1992 constitution so that nobody could call for their prosecution.

“What is he (Rawlings) celebrating today? He must be bundled and locked up behind bars for the numerous atrocities he committed to this country,” he angrily said. He also added that “If I see anyone who believes in constitutional and democratic rule yet still follow ex-president Rawlings to celebrate June 4 I find it as an insults to the principles of democracy,”.

Addressing a well-attended June 4th anniversary durbar in Wa, the leader of the June 4th 1979 uprising that laid the foundations for the NDC decried the spate of corruption that has characterized the political climate over the past few years.

The former President has been on an acrimonious relationship with the John Atta Mills and John Mahama governments. He has constantly criticized the past two NDC administrations, claiming some officials in these governments were corrupt.

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