Lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu's client speaks out after ban placed on his counsel

Lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu's client speaks out after ban placed on his counsel

-Mr. Francis Agyare, a client of the lawyer claims the public should not fault him for the lawyer’s woes

-The client said the lawyer made him several promises but came up short at a point

-The client believes that what he is going through is divinely-inspired

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Embattled lawyer and human rights activist Lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu has come under a barrage of claims and revelations by his client, Mr. Francis Agyare, a client the same lawyer help win some compensation after he was wrongfully imprisoned for 14 years.

God is punishing you for how you treated me-aggrieved client of Lawyer Sosu reveals

Mr. Francis Agyare

Last week, the lawyer was handed a ban by the Ghana Legal Council after he changed his former plea of not being guilty to plead guilty to charges brought against him by his client.

According to Mr. Francis Agyare, his lawyer had set out to cheat him out the the reliefs that was granted to him the courts and other monies that were contributed.

In an interview granted to Accra-based Joy FM, the client of the human rights lawyer pleaded with the general public not to blame him or the Ghana Legal Council for the “harsh” punishment meted out to his lawyer when they have not yet to listened to his of the story.

He said that reports that the lawyer played a pivotal role in his release from prison are untrue. According to Mr. Agyare he met the lawyer long after he had been released from prison. He added that he sought the services of the lawyer in order to get some reliefs for the years he spent behind bars.

Mr. Agyare said many contributions that were made by people who heard his plight was kept by the lawyer. He said many calls and visits he made to the lawyer’s office in relation to the issue of funds proved futile. He recounted a case where some group of lawyers contributed an amount of GHc 1,900 for him to use was kept by lawyer Sosu who claimed the contributions were made because of him.

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The client also said that the lawyer made him sign off some portions of the money for monthly stipend and accommodation which are yet to materialize.

Looking at how the situation was turning out, Mr. Agyare reported the matter to the GLC who started their own investigations into the matter. When lawyer Sosu was summoned, he pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against him.

When the relief of GHc 204,000 was however paid into Mr. Agyare’s bank account, he agreed to pay the charges of GHc 50,000 requested by the lawyer as services fee. He also wanted to go to the GLC to withdraw the earlier charges against the lawyer.

It was there that after the client had heard the side of the lawyer as response against his earlier charges decided to testify against the lawyer leading to his ban.

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