Albino children get new body parts

Albino children get new body parts

- Three albino children have been given new prosthetic limbs

- The Tanzanian albino children lost their limbs due to superstitious believes

- In Tanzania, people believe that albino body parts can be used for witchcraft

A New York based charity organization has provided three Tanzanian children who lost their limbs with new prosthetic limbs.

They received the new prosthetic limbs on Tuesday, June 7, at Shriners Hospital for Children in Philadelphia.

Emmanuel Rutema, Baraka Lusambo and Mwigulu Magesa, received their new prosthetic limbs with big smiles on their faces.

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Albino children get new body parts

The children lost their limbs after they were attacked by people who believed that albino body parts could make them successful.

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Albino children get new body parts

Emmanuel Rutema with a big smile on as he reveib=ved his prosthetic arm

A social worker, Ester Rwela, with another charity organization Under the Same Sun went to the United States with the children.

Rwela expressed that superstitious people in Tanzania believe that having a body part of an albino can bring luck to them.

According to her, Under the Same Sun runs a public awareness programme to eradicate such believes. She said:"What we are fighting with is the mindset of the people. When a witch doctor says, bring me a part of an albino and you will be successful, they go and do it. Someone can be educated, but they believe in superstition to be successful.”

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