Rot didn’t occur under my watch – Former YEA CEO

Rot didn’t occur under my watch – Former YEA CEO

- Kobina Beecham, a former Chief Executive Officer of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA), has opened up about the ongoing financial scandal at YEA

- He has emphatically stated that the cause of the alleged financial impropriety were not entirely present during his tenure as head of the Agency.

- A recent internal audit conducted at YEA revealed mismanagement of funds to the tune of about GHc50m.

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The acting Chief Executive Officer, Justine Kodua Frimpong, earlier said that 2,716 payees did not have appointment letters, while 9,442 recipients were above the age required.

Another group of 4,681 receivers also deserted their offices and a further 14,443 beneficiaries were non-existent.

The amount involved is believed to consist of unearned salaries paid to absentee beneficiaries, cash meant for official work, which was rather diverted to undeserving people and the funds for official use which were paid into personal accounts, and the procurement of assets and related materials, without regard for outlined processes.

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Beecham, who stated that the issue occurred after he handed over, requested for a detailed report on the audit exercise, so as to promote fairness and transparency.

To him, the YEA Beneficiary management software is designed to electronically append a signature to all appointment letters after the satisfaction of clearly outlined criteria.

He stated that his signature was embedded in the database, and were as such consequently appended on the documents

Per his statement, the errors were detected between March and April of 2017, but he handed over on Friday February 24, and as such he isn’t in the position to declare an opinion on what happened after that date.

He agreed that the acts are indeed fraudulent and as such he would encourage the involvement of the relevant authorities to prosecute those who are culpable.

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Earlier this year, the Agency halted the payment of allowances to over 60,000 beneficiaries on suspicion that there were inconsistencies in the report handed to it by the managers under the preceding administration.

The audit that was later conducted revealed the fraudulent receipt of funds by people who had done nothing for or on behalf of the Agency.

The current management of the Agency has announced the deletion of about

A total of 16,839 names from the payroll, which has according to them, saved GHc20m.

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