Ghanaian man is said to make $25,000 donation to sick man in need of surgery

Ghanaian man is said to make $25,000 donation to sick man in need of surgery has learnt that a Ghanaian Facebook user made a donation of $25,000 (GHc109,750) to a person in need of medical surgery.

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Ghanaian man gives Facebook friend $25,000 for surgery

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The man made the donation after learning of the sick man's plight on Facebook.

The information was revealed by popular Facebook user, Francis Kennedy Ocloo, who is widely known on Facebook as the Awareness General. tried to talk to the generous donor to understand the thinking behind his donation, but he declined to be interviewed.

The donor, who we sought to contact through Francis Kennedy Ocloo, said he did not want media publicity for his donation nor did he want to have his identity published. has gathered the donor did not in any way know the man he donated the $25,000 to.

According to our source, the donor only discovered through a "friend" on Facebook that a Ghanaian man was suffering from Leukemia and needed money for medical surgery.

He, out of the goodness of his heart, decided to make the $25,000 donation to the sick man to cover the cost of his surgery, the air transport abroad and his feeding, our source said.

The gesture has drawn floods of praise and commendation for the donor on social media.

Click here to get news on the go with our mobile app also understands that the donor has made several similar donations - some even exceeding $25,000 - to needy people in the past.

Our source said most of the donations are in the form of scholarships to brilliant students who cannot afford the cost of advanced education.

"He is just a simple person who likes to help people," the source said.

Social media users were continuing to praise the donor at the time of filing this report.

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