We've forgiven the people of Denkyira Obuasi

We've forgiven the people of Denkyira Obuasi

- Major Mahama's family have stated that they have forgiven residents of Denkyira Obuasi

- The Central Regional Minister apologized for his region during the late army officer's funeral

- They have also stated that the law must be brought to bear on those found guilty of killing the young army officer

The late Major Maxwell Adams Mahama's family has said that they no longer bear ill will towards residents of Denkyira Obuasi over the killing of the young army officer.

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We've forgiven the people of Denkyira Obuasi

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According to the late officer's family spokesperson, Mr. Zakaria Salaka, there is nothing the family can do to bring back the wrongfully killed army officer and, thus, they have decided to forgive residents of Denkyira Obuasi.

Central Regional Minister, Mr. Kwamena Duncan, accompanied by MPs, Ministers and DCEs of the region apologized for the region during Friday's funeral ceremony, an apology that has been accepted by the family.

The Central Regional Minister led a very high powered delegation made up of all the DCEs, MPs and other ministers from the region to the family at the funeral grounds and the regional minister apologized on behalf of the region. And if you were there that day, he was literally kneeling down before the head of the family...However, we demand for justice.

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This being said, the family has said that it still demands that justice be done and that the full weight of the law be brought to bear on those found culpable for the late army Captain's death.

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Speaking to Kasapa News' Akwasi Nsiah, Mr. Zakaria Salaka expressed that it's not all residents of the Central Region that took part in Maxwell Mahama's killing, and therefore the family could not hold a grudge on the entire region. Moreover the - made up of Muslims and Christians - believes that vengeance isn't theirs to dish out, and therefore won't take steps to avenge their late relative.

We as humans cannot exact vengeance for our son. No matter what we do, we are not going to get our son back. What we have forgiven them therefore is the innocent ones who did not take part in the lynching. But for those that are involved in it, the law should take its course,” he added.

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