Jon Benjamin condemns 'attack dog' brand of journalism

Jon Benjamin condemns 'attack dog' brand of journalism

- Outgoing UK High Commissioner has criticized 'attack dog' brand of journalism in Ghana

- He says he's been faced with this form of journalism but chose not to mention names

Outgoing British High Commissioner to Ghana, Mr. Jon Benjamin, has criticized what he's referred to as an "attack dog" brand of journalism he's faced in Ghana during his tenure as High Commissioner.

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Jon Benjamin condemns 'attack dog' brand of journalism

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Speaking on Accra based Citi FM, the outgoing UK High Commissioner criticized instances where journalists unduly single out individuals who decide to speak out on certain issues,

“... one concerning aspect is that in some parts of journalism - or what pretends to be journalism - is this ‘attack dog’ mentality, 'don’t talk about the issue, try and personally destroy the person who is raising the issue' …”

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During the interview, High Commissioner Jon Benjamin said he had faced this sort of journalism during his tenure as the UK diplomatic missions head, although he decided not to mention any names.

"I’m not going to mention any names, we know what we know…" said the British diplomat.

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High Commissioner Jon Benjamin has repeatedly received flak both on traditional and social media over what some have called his outspoken brand of diplomacy. the British diplomat has been criticized repeatedly over comments made on his Twitter page, and also accused of commenting in local affairs, affairs some Ghanaians feel are beyond his field of operation.

However, Mr. Jon Benjamin expressed that people ought to address important issues instead of attacking him.

Mr. Jon Benjamin will reach the end of his tenure as High Commissioner to Ghana in July 2017 to be relieved by Mr. Ian Walker. Replying to the same question on his Twitter page, Mr. Jon Benjamin stated that after Ghana he will be returning to London to work at the Foreign Office after "12 straight years" on overseas postings.

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