Instant National IDs to kickstart in September

Instant National IDs to kickstart in September

- Ghanaians to get Ghana National Identity Card from September 15, 2017

- The NIA has accepted the challenge and is poised to meet the deadline, although the time it takes to issue a card will be determined by a number of factors

The National Identification Authority (NIA) has confirmed that the proposed instant Ghana National Identity Cards will be ready for issuance, starting from September 15 this year.

Sorting out the issue of national identity has been one of the key agendas on the desk on government, with Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia indicating earlier this year that the move will go a long way to help formalise Ghana's economy.

Instant National IDs to kickstart in September

Prof. Kenneth Agyemang Attafuah, Executive Secretary of the NIA.

And according to the Executive Secretary of the NIA, Prof Kenneth Agyemang Attafuah, the first phase of producing the national identity cards will kickstart in mid-September.

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You can expect to see a card on the 15th of September, 2017, when we roll out,” Prof Attafuah said in an interactive session with the media while pointing out that “we want to implement an instant card issuance system. You register with us and within 10 minutes maximum you get the card and walk away.

He explained, though, that the time frame for one to get his/her ID card may vary due to external factors such as the internet.

This, he said could mean that instead of getting your ID card issued within 10 minutes, areas with poor internet connectivity could take up to two days before the cards are ready.

"There may be areas in this country where internet connectivity may be a challenge. In such locations, there would be deferred printing – it may be a day, it may be a couple of days. In such circumstances deferred printing may be inevitable," Prof Attafuah said.

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So there are options: people will get the cards on the 15th. Those who are able to register on the 15th and from that day onwards anyone registering can expect to get the card instantly because that is what we are aiming at."

He however assured that the NIA was working on a plan which would enable the Authority to avert any shortfalls when registration process starts.

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He added that the NIA was in a collaborative effort with the National Information Technology Agency (NITA) to map out strategies on how to operate in areas with poor internet connectivity.


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