Actress Gloria Sarfo's fiance dies in 37 hospital

Actress Gloria Sarfo's fiance dies in 37 hospital

In a sad turn of events actress Gloria Sarfo's fiance, Mr. Justice Nana Dankwa passed away yesterday morning at the 37 Military Hospital.

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Actress Gloria Sarfo's fiance dies in 37 hospital

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Mr. Justice Nana Dankwa, who two years ago proposed to actress Gloria Sarfo in a fashion that won both headlines and the hearts of Ghanaians, died yesterday after being rushed to 37 Military Hospital in a taxi.

According to a close relative the late Justice Nana Dankwa was a US army soldier, and also a solder of the United States Army. He had been vacationing in Ghana and lodged at the Golden Tulip Hotel near the 37 Military Hospital.

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According to a close relative of the deceased, Mr. Dankwa had complained of chest pains in the morning of June 14th and was subsequently rushed to the hospital where he asked the nurses to be given medical oxygen.

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The taxi driver who rushed Mr. Dankwa to the hospital stated that he [Mr. Dankwa] had waited to be given medical oxygen for ten minutes at the hospital before being given the oxygen mask belonging to another patient.

Jutice Nana Dankwa passed on allegedly four minutes after being given the other patients oxygen mask. The other patient also died.

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