Omane Boamah, Terkper caused NDC’s defeat – Kwesi Botchwey report

Omane Boamah, Terkper caused NDC’s defeat – Kwesi Botchwey report

- Dr Ibrahim Zuberu is pointing accusing fingers at two NDC former ministers for sending the party into opposition

- He says party grass-root members were calling for their heads through out every constituency they visited for keeping useful information to their chest

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A key member of the NDC’s Kwesi Botchwey Committee, Dr Ibrahim Zuberu has revealed that, two key former ministers of the Mahama administration contributed massively to the party’s humiliating defeat at the 2016 election.

Omane Boamah, Terkper caused NDC’s defeat – Kwesi Botchwey report

Dr Ibrahim Zuberu

According to Dr Zuberu, after the sitting of the Kwesi Botchwey Committee, it was established that the actions of former Finance Minister, Seth Terkper and former Communications Minister, Edward Omane Boamah greatly sent the NDC into opposition.

Giving highlights of aspects of the Kwesi Botchwey report today, Dr Zuberu maintained that, it emerged during their postmortem meetings at the grassroots level that the two refused to give out vital information to party communicators to counter the claims of the NPP.

He also insisted that, the level of accusations heaped on the two NDC officials were so widespread to extent that, their names were mentioned throughout at every constituency they visited especially in connection with the issue with both Teacher Trainees and Nursing Trainees allowances.

Dr Zuberu in his account to the media disclosed that, the NDC’s problem in a build up to the December election was that, people were keeping crucial information to their chest instead of releasing those information to the public.

Omane Boamah, Terkper caused NDC’s defeat – Kwesi Botchwey report

Former Finance Minister, Seth Terkper

“My terrible personal experience with Seth Terkper concerning issues of the economy, when you go to him for information, he won’t give it to you. He prefers to go and do it himself. Even things that we did not want to say boldly, these supporters said it openly, so yes Seth Terkper has been blamed greatly,” he said.

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The Kwesi Botcwey Committee member also claimed that Dr Bawumia, the NPP’s running mate in the campaign period made a lot of false allegations on the economy, but the NDC communicators failed to effectively counter his claims because they lacked the right knowledge and information to counter.

“What is it that Seth Terkper can say that somebody who understands economy cannot say or what is it that Monah Quartey can say that another person in the NDC who understands economy cannot say, please don’t go there”, Dr Zeberu fumed.

In the case of Dr. Omane Boamah, Dr. Ibrahim Zuberu lashed out that, the communications Minister would articulate a lot of important issues on Radio Gold, yet would never share those information with anyone.

Omane Boamah, Terkper caused NDC’s defeat – Kwesi Botchwey report

Former Communications Minister, Edward Omane Boamah

The NDC’s poor showing at the December 2016 polls led to the party losing power to the Nana Akufo-Addo of the NPP which triggered the NDC to set aside the Kwesi Botchwey Committee.

But the Committee was met by aggrieved supporters and members of the party who accused and attacked some leadership and executives of the party as being behind the defeat.

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