International relations expert speaks about visa policy

International relations expert speaks about visa policy

-International Relations expert Dr. Vladimir Antwi Danso has urged the government to be firm

-He said that we should ensure that the US does not dictate to us on foreign policy

-He however wanted the government to tread cautiously in order not to strain relations between the two countries

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Dr. Vladimir Antwi Danso has put in his views concerning a visa policy that was mentioned by the US embassy. The International Relations expert was of the view that the government of Ghana had to be firm on the action it wanted to take in relation to the new policy.

International relations

Dr. Vladimir Antwi Danso

He advised the government to respond to the policy in the most diplomatic way possible to ensure that the country got what she wanted. He added that as a sovereign state, we did not have to allow a foreign policy to be dictated to us.

The international relations expert added that in matters relating to diplomacy, your opponent always wanted to be in a comfortable position but if you are firm enough you can come to a compromise on the suitable line of action.

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Dr. Vladimir Antwi Danso was speaking to the matter about the visa policy proposed by the US Embassy that was looking to waiver the privileges of ex-officio members and current members of state in the visa acquisition process. The policy, if all goes well, will seek to revoke protocol visas for former Ghanaian presidents, MPs and government officials.

He admonished the government not to allow itself to be coerced into accepting a policy that was not in the country’s favor. He said that the US was using these “harsh” diplomatic maneuvers to get African countries to agree to some of their terms. He said they normally “threatened” countries which sought aid from them with such policies so they could also have their way.

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He said Ghana happens to be in the same diplomatic situation as when the Gitmo 2 were being brought into the country.

He said the government did not have to be “rude” in seeking redress on the policy. He however bemoaned that the policy was not “the way to go”.

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