US Embassy clarifies new visa protocol privileges

US Embassy clarifies new visa protocol privileges

- US Press Attache says rules haven't changed, interviews were always necessary for private visits

- She says the US Embassy would be happy to extend VIPs courtesy of private interviews

The United States Embassy has sought to clarify the new visa privileges and its application when it comes to Ghana's former heads of state.

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US Embassy clarifies new visa protocol privileges

Ambassador Robert P. Jackson

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Following Ambassador Jackson's revelation to Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee where he stated that now even former presidents would have to come to the embassy in person, many Ghanaians have criticized the US diplomatic mission.

"Now if you are travelling for tourism or business that is not related to government business, you will need to make a personal appearance...But for personal travel, every person is required to make a personal appearance, even former presidents of Ghana have to come in for personal appearance," said the US Ambassador, peaking to parliament.

Many have stated that the new rules are an insult to Ghana's former leaders, while others have called for government to "Do the same" to their dignitaries.

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US Embassy clarifies new visa protocol privileges

Sarah Stealy, US Embassy Press Attache

But in an attempt to clarify the situation, the United States Press Attache, Ms. Sarah Stealy told ClassFM that the although interviews will be required for personal visits to the US as far as former presidents and high ranking government officials the embassy would be willing to "extend the courtesy" of a private visit.

"Our policies have not changed... For personal travel, an interview is required. However, as the ambassador said when he spoke to parliament, for former presidents and high-ranking officials such as MPs, we are happy to work with them to extend the courtesy of a private appointment," said the US press attache.

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