Former NACOB boss disputes Ghana marijuana use ranking

Former NACOB boss disputes Ghana marijuana use ranking

- Former NACOB boss has disputed a UN report ranking Ghana first in Africa in the consumption of Canabis

- He says no baseline survey has been done to support a statistical ranking like the one the UN report suggests

Mr. Akrasi Sarpong, a former Executive Secretary of the Ghana Narcotics Control Board's (NACOB), has disputed statistics from a United Nations (UN) World Report ranking Ghana 1st in Africa when it comes to the use of Canabis (Marijuana).

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Former NACOB boss disputes Ghana marijuana use ranking

Akwasi Sarpong, former NACOB boss

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According to NACOB's former head honcho, no survey has been conducted in support of the report stating that Ghana is number one in Africa, and third globally in the consumption of marijuana.

Speaking on Class91.3FM on Tuesday, June 27th, Mr. Sarpong said that it has been in his former outfit's [NACOB] budget for over ten years, no actual survey on the use of Marijuana has been conducted in Ghana.

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“I have a challenge with the statistics. First of all, neither the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) nor ECOWAS nor NACOB can tell any Ghanaian anywhere that there has been a baseline survey on drug use in Ghana."

"It has been in NACOB’s budget ever since 2005, but there has been no baseline survey. So where those statistics come from I do not know,” he said, speaking to show host Moro Awudu.

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Mr. Sarpong stated that - as far as he's concerned - Ghanaians should treat the report with the report "with a pinch of salt". He further expressed that the report was reason enough for government to try and fund a baseline survey that would shed more light on the ranking.

"...there are many people who believe that story. Government has not challenged the world drug report where this statistic is supposed to be located.” said Mr. Sarpong.

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